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GRCC Vibrant Village of the Year 2012
Jumble Sale Saturday 28th February  2.00 - 4.00pm in the Village Hall. Proceeds to Woolstone & Oxenton Church Funds.

Gotherington Wine Club invites non-members and those who may be interested in joining the club to come to our Spanish Wine and Tapas Evening on Tuesday March 17th in the village hall at 8.00pm.
Entrance charge to non-members: £4.
Call or email Christine to book your place. Tel 672821.


A Facebook page for the village has been set up called Gotherington village. Its purpose is to facilitate communications in the village and posts to it concerning village matters are encouraged. For example the Wine Club will be using it to publicise future events and other societies might like to consider doing the same.

Gotherington's Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
Thank you to all who took the time to come to the walk-in display in the  village hall last weekend. All the display boards  can be found here:
We need your input
Gotherington Parish
Gotherington today
What is an NDP
NDP vision statement
Principles & Criteria
Maps Board
NDP environment
Housing Board
Village Design Statement Principles
NDP looking forward
If you would like a questionnaire to fill out, you can download it from here.
For more information contact David Ward on 01242 675080 or any Parish Councillor.

Planning Applications and Decisions If you click here you will find the Tewkesbury Borough Council Planning and Licensing Portal. Enter Gotherington in the search box to find all planning applications for the village.

If you would like to subscribe to the TOPICS mailing list, please click here.

Gotherington Parish Plan 2014
The Gotherington Parish Plan 2014 may be found here. In due course printed copies will be made available to every household in the village. The questionnaire results are as follows: SUMMARY, COUNTS, PERCENTAGES and NOTES. In addition comments from the Day of Ideas may be found here.

Your Council Tax Bill
The Parish Council has set a precept for 2015/16 of £12,000, unchanged from last year.

Gotherington Picture Gallery - Images of Gotherington.

Life Saving Equipment
The village now owns an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) which could be used to save a life in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. This can happen to anyone whatever their age including children. The device is located on the Rex Rhodes building and is accessible by dialling 999. Follow the link above to see what action you would need to take if you were to come across someone in the village who had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Please note that because the equipment is intelligent and completely automatic it is impossible to hurt anyone by using it but its use may save a life.

Traffic count diagram for the Malleson Road / A435 junction:
GOWNS contact number: 07752 152485.

Flooding and Other Issues.
These can be reported to Gloucestershire County Council by following this link
You can also report flooding problems by dialling:
08000 514 514.

Monthly coffee mornings in the village hall  are on the first Saturday of the month 10.30-12.00.

Homelands 2 and Cleevelands
The Secretary of State has allowed these appeals and the developments will now go ahead. The decision and Inspectors report can be found here. The judicial review instigated by Tewkesbury Borough Council has upheld the original decision and the developments can now proceed.
The official press release can be found here.

Traffic Volume Survey April 2013
Traffic Survey October 2012 Over the past three months there have been two initiatives to record both the volume and the speed of traffic through the village. One was undertaken by volunteers from the village and was designed to record the volume of traffic and the results are attached here. The raw results can be viewed here, here and here.
The other was undertaken by the Highways Department recording both volume and speed and are attached here.
The raw results from the Highways Department for all 3 sites can be seen here (9862), here (9863) and here (9864).

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